Hijokwano Foods and Catering Services provides a platform for a wide array of restaurants in offering patrons and customers convenience and affordability in ordering and paying for meal online. Our services are tailor-made to provide our cherished clients and customers:

  1. Convenience
  2. Affordability
  3. Ease of Access
  4. Security
  5. Healthy Living and Health promotion
  6. An all-in-one food and meal delivery package

In partnership with other restaurants in the country, we work every day to empower all restaurant owners and operators to achieve more than they thought possible.

We represent and advocate for foodservice industry interests—taking on financial and regulatory obstacles before they hit our members’ bottom line. We provide tools and systems that help members of all sizes get significantly better operating results. And we offer the kinds of networking, education and research resources that are only possible because of our vast, and active, research and development base.

We save our members time, money and headaches by helping them take on what matters most for their success and growth—whether that’s protecting their economic interests, sharing best practices, or getting them in front of emerging trends.

We strive to move the industry forward by finding answers to the tough questions, distilling complex information into practical knowledge the best ways by which technology can be adopted to enhance market and sector efficiency. And that makes us the go-to resource for smart, relevant intelligence that helps our members run their businesses better.

At the HFCS, we believe that there is strength in numbers. When we come together as an industry, our collective voice is stronger and our impact is greater than when any of us stands alone. And that means our shared spirit of hospitality, passion for serving others and belief in the Ghanaian entrepreneurial dream will be safeguarded and advanced through innovation and technology.

Our systems offer cherished customers the opportunity to:

  1. order meals daily and pay instantly
  2. subscribe, pay in advance and enjoy free meals delivery for 40 days
  3. an avenue to select any restaurant of choice to eat from
  4. an avenue to select any restaurant of choice to make reservations and bookings

Each restaurant on HFCS platform is unique, but they all have plenty in common: great food, fun times, and exceptional dining experiences.